Your Friendly Neighborhood Federal Agents

Put The Radio Down Or I'll Blow You AwayThe Secret Service -- so versatile. They protect the president, ready to take a bullet to keep us from ever having to utter the phrase, "President Cheney." They plan all the security for things like the Super Bowl. They bust counterfeiters. And, if you're a bigtime White House correspondent who manages to lock your keys in your car, they'll even do a little breaking-and-entering for you. From yesterday's press briefing:

Q. Before my question, I must commend to the Secret Service agents at the Southwest gate yesterday. I had a problem with my key. I locked the key in my car, they were very helpful.

SCOTT McCLELLAN: They've been duly thanked. (Laughter.)

Later yesterday, agents used the White House fire truck to rescue Helen Thomas's cat from a tree on 17th Street.

14 Dec. 2004 [Press Gaggle]

[U.S. Secret Service]


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