OH HEY, Wednesday at the DNC! We are heading downtown soon to another political panel, this time with congresscritters like Sean Patrick Maloney (who has been trying trying TRYING to get a simple nondiscrimination amendment added into federal law), but before we do that, would you just look at that picture of Nancy Pelosi up there? That is how close she was to yr Wonkette's face, at a "post-gavel" party for People For The American Way, which happened last night!

Here she is with her family at the party, which was at a bar. Nancy Pelosi is just like us, she takes her grandkids to bars:

For real, though, she said she brought her grandkids because she wanted them to know how important the work of People For The American Way is, and we agree! We like them very much!

Want to see a pic of Nancy with yr Wonkette? WELL YOU CAN'T, because it was such a madhouse and we didn't feel like mobbing the woman. Also, we are going to a reception Thursday where Nancy is getting an award, and we have a feeling we'll be able to shake hands and gossip there. But our friend Arielle got a picture!

Other people were at this party also too! Julian Castro was there, and we only argued with ourselves for eight minutes over whether it was actually he, or his brother, or whether we were just hallucinating. Anyway, we missed him.

But we did NOT miss Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA), the guy who gave House Republicans an "F" for writing very bad. He was SO SWEET, you guys:

We look a bit wrecked in these pictures, because it was hot and we had been traipsing around Philly all day without the requisite eleven baths a day you need to not look wrecked under those circumstances. What we mean to say is that Rep. Takano and Nancy probably are taking like eleven baths a day right now, in Nancy's big Secret Service SUV, which we saw.

Oh, we also ran into OUR congressman, Steve Cohen of Memphis, who is one of the single bestest congress-people around. Remember that big sit-in for gun rights? He was front and center. We like Steve very much, for real.

After the PFAW party, we went to this gay karaoke thing to meet our friend of 20 years, Darcy Walker Krause, who is Arielle's sister-in-law. Darcy's husband Jonathan was also there! Darcy is an attorney who serves as the executive director for the Center For Grieving Children in Philadelphia, a nonprofit that, quoting directly from its website, "helps children grieving a death to heal and grow through their grief while strengthening families, communities and professionals’ understanding of how best to respond to their needs." Darcy lost her mom at a very young age, so when she decided to leave private practice, it was natural for her to move into this sort of role. SO, if you are looking for a new Good Cause to support, that is a good one!

We are certain we took a number of probably very cute selfies with Darcy 'n' company last night, but our dog ate them or they're on somebody else's phone.

Anyway. Stay tuned for our next update, which will come a little later today!

Evan Hurst

Evan Hurst is the managing editor of Wonkette, which means he is the boss of you, unless you are Rebecca, who is boss of him. His dog Lula is judging you right now.

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