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Rebecca Solnit, stop copying me!

Stunningly, a number of left-wing news sources and pundits devoted themselves to denying the reality of the intervention and calling those who were hostile to the Putin regime cold-war red-scare right-wingers, as if contemporary Russia was a glorious socialist republic rather than a country ruled by a dictatorial ex-KGB agent with a record of murdering journalists, imprisoning dissenters, embezzling tens of billions and leading a global neofascist white supremacist revival. In discrediting the news stories and attacking critics of the Russian government, they provided crucial cover for Trump.

Just kidding, it sounds more smarter when she says it than when I do. Anyway, this is mostly about Putin and Trump, and not so much about Glenn Greenwald. — Guardian

Taras Bilous, a Leftist in Kyiv, has additional thoughts, but those are more about the Glenn Greenwalds and less on the Trumps. (Common Dreams)

That Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is extremely good at propaganda doesn't take away from his immense leadership. It's a part of it. (Vox)

I very enjoyed this short article on Ukraine inviting Russian mothers to come fetch their sons. — ANews

Every so often I must remind you of Sir Nicholas Winton, who saved the Czechish Jewish children, so we may cry. (BBC)

Or there's this rabbi, evacuating the Jewish orphans of Odessa, which is, you know, last week and not 80 years ago.

Religious Jews like Kruskal and the children in his care normally do not travel or use electricity from sundown on Friday to Saturday night, in observance of the Jewish sabbath. But Jewish law permits the violation of the sabbath for pikuach nefesh—the preservation of human life. And so the community drove through shabbat, stopping at a gas station to make kiddush, the traditional blessing over the wine.

“You never expect to be standing in front of hundreds of people in your care in the middle of a cold gas station in Ukraine and making kiddush for them and they’re crying,” Kruskal said. “It was very overwhelming.”

On Twitter on Friday morning, anticipating the difficult sabbath ahead, Kruskal wrote in Hebrew: “Tonight, many Jews from Odessa will have to be on the road to evacuate to a more secure place. I ask our brethren in Israel who do not keep Shabbat to keep this Shabbat for us.”

Oh crying crying. — The Atlantic

RT America's work here is done. (CNN)

Kara Swisher's interview with Jon Stewart where they both just THE ARISTOCRATS on Tucker Carlson is extremely enjoyable. — Free link (I THINK) from New York Times

Gentleman Kentucky pharmacist legislator has interesting thoughts on Jewesses, cancer, Zyklon B, the abortion pill, and how many people we bone down on. They're not good thoughts! He is very sorry he said stuff wronger! And WHOOOOO it is a lot! (Courier Journal)

You'd think it would be obvious but: Harming trans children harms trans children. — Very Well Family

Teenage boy testifies against his Three Percenter father, for doing harm to the whole damn country. (Politico)

Joe Biden needs to be able to say the word "abortion," particularly if Democrats want to actually win elections, and I'm even willing to link to The Hill to say so.

"Indignity" reads the cynicism in the Biden administration's COVID pullback, and I can't say they're at all wrong. (Indignity Substack)

The Saddest Convoy :( [Roy Edroso / Daily Beast]

Beans beans good for your heart. (Food Network)

FORAGING! — Food and Wine

Haha, the Republicans took away your HELOC interest deduction unless you *actually* use it for home improvements, to pay for the tax cuts for rich fuckwads LOL. As a til my 40s renter, I get it if you say FUCK HOMEOWNERS THATS SOME REGRESSIVE SHIT! but keep in mind almost all of the homeowner shit the Republicans took away wasn't "in favor of tenants," it was "in favor of Donald Trump" :) Home Tax Deduction Checklist, Realtor.

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