Your Jeans Were Once So Clean

  • Now President Bush and Florida Governor Charlie Crist both support offshore drilling for oil, on account of high gas prices. [New York Times]
  • Know who else supports offshore drilling? John McCain, who's such a maverick he will piss off his environmental pals whom he befriended after pissing off all his Republican pals. [Politico]
  • Oh looky, it wasn't just Pentagon brass who were involved in torture-plotting at Guantanamo; the CIA also offered some advice. [Washington Post]
  • Americans are extremely pessimistic about the economy, even though the data suggests we should be only mildly pessimistic. [Washington Post]
  • Hillary Clinton is taking a month off from legislatin' for a little rest and relaxation. [The Hill]
  • A new poll shows Barack Obama with a 5-point national lead over John McCain, and whopping leads among independents and women. [Reuters]

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