Your Latest Racist Anti-Obama GOP Facebook Outrage

Your Latest Racist Anti-Obama GOP Facebook Outrage

Oh jesus. Ken is out of the office today, so the task befalls another editor to cover his ever-popular"racist minor-league GOP operative" beat. A buffoon out of South Carolina thought it would be a good idea to post some thing on Facebook comparing Michelle Obama to a gorilla, proving once again why Republicans should not have access to dangerous electronic devices such as computers, which they employ for the sole purpose of embarrassing themselves.

[...] Trey Walker, an advisor to S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster, posted an innocuous Facebook update about this morning’s escape of a Western Lowlands Gorilla from Columbia’s Riverbanks Zoo.

Walker’s harmless update, however was followed by a highly-questionable comment from longtime SCGOP activist and former State Senate candidate, Rusty DePass.

“I’m sure it’s just one of Michelle’s ancestors — probably harmless,” DePass wrote.

And then FITSNews wrote about it and so did your DailyKos and a bunch of other people.

DePass later helpfully explained that he was just making an innocent joke about the First Lady's remarks on evolution (which nobody can seem to track down), and he was sorry "if" he offended anyone.

Eight months after a decisive election and six months after President Obama's swearing-in, it is still sort of astonishing to see just how enraged these various GOP operatives are at the notion that a black family is living in the White House. It still blows their minds that such a terrible thing could happen, in America, and that they would have to apologize for making sincerely good-humored racist jokes on the Internet.

SCGOP Activist Posts Remark Disparaging First Lady [FITSNews]


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