Your Morning Maddow: Oh Look, It's Impeachment O'Clock In America! (Video)

Your Morning Maddow: Oh Look, It's Impeachment O'Clock In America! (Video)

Rachel Maddow knows the historical trends -- every president since Eisenhower has faced an opposite-party Congress following midterm elections in the second term. It's not a guarantee of today's results, but them's the odds. And if the R's do take the Senate, then what? Beyond Ted Cruz already worrying that Mitch McConnell isn't rightwing enough to be Majority leader -- Maddow says, delightedly, "They're already fighting over the booty when they haven't even raided the castle yet!" -- there's one big job that lots of Republican supporters want done: Impeaching Barack Obama. Oh, yes, there's plenty of anticipation on the weirdo right, and things could get very interesting for the relatively sane heads in the GOP establishment as they try to hold back the loons, who know that Obama has to be impeached, just as soon as they find an actual crime to hang on him. Where they think a 2/3 majority for conviction will come from is still another matter, of course.

It's a fun segment, and as Media Matters notes, while Maddow was reviewing the impeachment fever, Megyn Kelly was speculating that Obama just might manage to "offend" the R's so much that they'll just have to impeach him, because offending teabaggers is now a high crime, not merely a misdemeanor.

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