Your Morning News, Now In Convenient Afternoon Form

  • Barack Obama revealed his National Security Team of Rivals today. The shadowy cabal is headed up by his notorious arch-enemy Janet Napolitano. [CBS News]
  • The Media and The Retailers are complicit in perpetuating the myth of Black Friday, in which a Wal-Mart worker is trampled to death to commemorate the birth of our Lord and savior, Ronald McDonald. [New York Times]
  • Very recently, your left-wing PBS "Frontline" producers were warning that Pakistan was hosed six ways from Sunday and would give the Western world night terrors for years to come, and voila, the attacks in India appear to come from a Pakistani militant group. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • The mayor of Birmingham, Alabama has been arrested for some sort of boring financial crookery. [Bloomberg]
  • If you live in Australia, you will have a chance to see the moon making a smiley face at you and HAUNTING YOUR DREAMS. [Fox News]

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