Your Most Recent 'AIG Still Spends Absurd Amounts Of Taxpayer Money On Dumb Things' News!


Evil insurance cashburner AIG loves to take $150 billion (so far!) of your money to pay off its toxic debts, such as executive pay packages, luxurious corporate junkets and, now,sports team jerseys!

See, your associate editor just bought this fun new soccer video game and loves to play as England's Manchester United, because (a) they have so many good players and (b) printed on their jerseys are the huge letters "AIG," which is just so comical and embarrassing -- especially since it was an English unit of AIG that lost all of the company's money by selling credit-default swaps like hotcakes!

Well, AIG is spending $125 million to renew on that sponsorship. Because if AIG's name appears on the soccer players' jerseys, then suddenly people will want to invest in or buy services from that terrible, immoral global chop-shop.

Congress? HELLO? CONGRESS? Oversight! On the AIG! They're doing weeeeeeeeird stuff! Watch them!

Bailed-out companies AIG, Citibank have no plans to cancel expensive sports sponsorships. [Think Progress]


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