Your New Favorite Channel Is Bloomberg TV

  • Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs aren't fancy investment banks anymore, they are just regular old banks, because they need money now and the only money they can get is through deposits. [New York Times]
  • John McCain wants Warren Buffett and Mitt Romney to oversee the bank bailout. [Reuters]
  • Speaking of Warren Buffett: he was one of the few financial sages to look down the road, see the problem with credit default swaps, and get out of the business before it bit him in the ass. [Reuters]
  • The presidential and vice presidential candidates are preparing for their debates by trying to find proxies who are as grumpy, pedantic, loquacious, and empty-headed as they are. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Barack Obama is pulling his staffers out of North Dakota so that they can turn their attention to states he has a prayer of winning. [USA Today]
  • The new president of Pakistan and his prime minister would have been killed in the Marriott bombing in Islamabad if they had gone to dinner there as planned. Instead they changed their plans, but nobody is saying why. [Guardian]

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