Open Thread For HBO's Politics Movie 'Palin & McCain Lose An Election'


Tonight: HBO is debuting its Hollywood motion picture about how John McCain waddled over to the Google machine sometime in the summer of 2008 to find a "hot political babe" to run the country after he croaked during his first 10 minutes as president. He settled on an Alaskan lady who shot guns, which was the entirety of his research. She turned out to be an idiot, and she continues to shame and grift the nation to this very day. Here is your open thread for theWolf "Like Pauline Kael But Good" Blitzer-approved GAME CHANGE, starting at 9, which is basically now. Ol' Walnuts has been asleep on his Ambien since 6 p.m., so he won't be watching. ALSO: Here's an unreadable Wonkette Archives post from 2008 about all these bickering McCain campaign characters, if you'd like to read it.


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