Your Post-Election Dangly Bits

Amid all the excitement of last night's HISTORIC ELECTION a few important questions went unanswered, at least here on the Wonkette. For example: did fluorescent light foe and unrepentant baby-farmer Michelle Bachmann successfully defend her Minnesota district from insurgent chaotic-good lawn sprite Elwyn Tinklenberg? And whatever happened to thatpoop factory over in San Francisco? This morning, we have answers.

  • Bachmann won the District 6 race.
  • Proposition R, which would have renamed a Bay Area sewage treatment plant after George W. Bush, was voted down by a huge margin.
  • Al Franken lost (unofficially!) to Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman by less than 800 votes, so now there will probably be a recount.
  • Alaska's own Ted Stevens looks like he will be re-elected for the 17th time or whatever, even though he is a CONVICTED FELON.
  • Still no word about Missouri or North Carolina, electorally speaking.

Here at Wonkette Information Headquarters we are celebrating Bachmann's win and praying for a clean Stevens victory, that we might still have these two marvelous kooks to kick around for a few more years.

Thanks to Michael McNarney for the rad foto.


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