Your Weekly Top Ten Asks Unanimous Consent To Give You This Raspberry

Your Weekly Top Ten Asks Unanimous Consent To Give You This Raspberry
And that's the truth!

It is your WEEKLY TOP TEN, and we let Evan out of writing it this weekend because he is doing all the liveblooging forever and we do not want his typing fingers falling off! Above is Yr Wonkette preschooler's thoughts on "impeachment hearings." They are not necessarily Chris Matthews-specific thoughts. Yr Dok Zoom remembers doing a giant jigsaw puzzle with his mom while the Watergate hearings were on TV, and apart from some senators nattering about "specificity," which seemed like a funny word to a ten-year-old, not a heck of a lot more. (It was a scene of the French Quarter in New Orleans, with many flowering vines that made a third of the jigsaw pieces look all the same. Fiendish.)

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Also too, check out the Wonkette Flea Market for all your much-needed impeachment accessories, like the snazzy IMPEACH hat, to bring pizzazz to any hearing you might find yourself attending. Or t-shirts and coffee cups featuring your favorite candidates, and also just Wonkette-branded swag. GO, SHOP, BUY. A nation's economy, or at least our mommyblog, depends on you!

And now here are your Top Ten Wonkette stories, chosen this week by John Flansburgh and John Linnell of They Might Be Giants. (We are just making that up. It was really Beyoncé, as usual):

10: GOP Lawyer Steve Castor's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

9: 'Anonymous' Says Trump More Bugf*cking Dumbstupid Than You Ever Knew, But You Knew That Already

8: It's Impeachment-Eve-Thirty, Motherf*ckers! Let's Remember What Trump's Ukraine Scandal Is Really All About.

7: How Are GOP Idiots Defending Trump's Ukraine Crimes Today?

6: The 876,601 Stupidest Things Fox News Said About Bill Taylor And George Kent

5: Dean Cain Sucks.

4: Lt. Col. Alex Vindman's Testimony Just Reminded Us Of Something That PISSES US THE F*CK OFF

3: Trumpists Demonstrate Lack Of Rhythm/Self-Awareness With YouTube Rapping Contest

2: Sorry I Freaked Out At You Guys Last Night

1: Live On ALL CHANNELS, It's The Trump Impeachment! (Liveblog, Day One!)

Those are all really good stories! You should go read them again! Or for the first time!

That's it, Vaya Corn Doggy, and we love you xoxoxoxo



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