Your Weekly Top Ten Got A HAIRCUT!

Oh hey, TOP TEN POST! Oof, we are tired. Can we just say nothing to you besides hey look, Wonkette Toddler got a haircut, isn't that cute, and just tell you the top ten stories of the week?

Yes we can, because we are the boss of you.

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Stories chosen as usual by Beyoncé:

10. VINDICATED! Donald Trump Didn't Do ANY Crimes That One Time! (Perhaps! Allegedly! MAYBE.)

9. If These Aren't Nice Things, I Don't Know What Is!

8. The Week In Garbage Humans: It Has Been A TERFy Ass Week

7. Tucker Carlson Explains Cold Weather Breaks Wind

6. Ralph Northam Continues Digging Self Into Michael Jackson Shaped Hole

5. Tulsi Gabbard Being Weird As Fuck Again

4. Trump Data Guru Idiot Brad Parscale: No Srsly, A Idiot!

3. We Read All 284 Pages Of BuzzFeed's Trump Tower Moscow Documents, And Now We Hate Everybody In This Story

2. Let's Liveblog Nancy Pelosi's Facial Expressions While Some Dipshit Pretends To Be President

1. Dad Who Natural Remedied Child To Death Would Like To Sell You Some Natural Remedies

There you go! Those are good stories!

OK that's it, GOODBYE.



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