Your Weekly Top Ten Got So Many Wonkette Kid Pictures, You're Gonna Get SICK OF Wonkette Kid Pictures!

Know what? We don't even have to type words to kick this top ten post off, and you know why? Because there are like 80-eleventy Wonkette toddler pics down at the bottom, and all you're going to do is scroll anyway. Oh, and you're going to read the stop ten posts of the week.

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Ready to count down the top stories? Yes, you are.

Stories chosen as usual by Beyoncé:

10. Tariff Man Gets Caught Lying About Mexico Deal, Loses His Shit On Twitter

9. Joyce White Vance Said The Mueller Report To GOP Idiots' Faces, And It Was LOVELY!

8. US Embassies Cramming Pride Flags Down Mike Pompeo's Dumb Gay-Hatin' Throat

7. Twitter Done Fucked Up Again

6. Your Deleted Comments Are Part Of Mars

5. AOC Wants Birth Control To Be Free And Over-The-Counter, As It Should Be!

4. Michael Flynn's New Lawyer Is Baaaaaaaaaaaaaatshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

3. Congressman From 'Hee Haw' Tries To Ban Democrats From Talkin' Mean About President CrimeStupid


1. Kamala Harris Doesn't Have To Explain Her Kickass Self To Your Dumb Asses

And that is the end of the list!

ONE MILLION more pics for you:

OK that's all, go with God, etc.



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