Your Weekly Top Ten Had A Silent Night!

Your Weekly Top Ten Had A Silent Night!

Ken has to sleep on the floor.

Good morning Wonkers! I was supposed to write the Top Ten yesterday and then I forgot and then I woke up at 6:30 and nobody was at work and I said OH LORD IT IS SATURDAY and then I was going back to bed and then I remembered I still hadn't done Top Ten! And that is why you stick around, to be amazed by epic stories like that one!

Would you like to know what your most-read stories were this week? You WOULD? I would like to tell you them!

10. Chuck Todd Yanks Pants Up, Demands To Know Who Sh*t On The Floor. Liz helped explain "Chuck Todd. Why?" It was your tenth-most-read post!

9. A Museum In England Has A Gender Neutral Bathroom And The Federalist Is On The Case! This happened on the weekend, so I am going to assume it has to do with a gender-neutral bathroom in England, and the Federalist being on the case!

8. The Red Pill Ladies Auxiliary Had A 'Submissive And Feminine' Holiday This Year. These people have a kink and they're sticking to it.

7. Whatcha Doin', Nancy Pelosi? Kicking Moscow Mitch In The Face? We'll Hold Your Beer. This was about Nancy Pelosi holding on to the Impeachment Articles. I'm not totally sold on the greatness of this strategy, but Evan is, so!

6. Jewdy Jewliani, Better Jew Than You! Oh hey, I wrote this!

5. President Sh*tmouth Breaks Wind. Liz on the insane wombat in Donald Trump's brain, plus wind energy!

4. Bret Stephens: To Beat Trump, Democrats Should Condemn Sister Souljah. Was there ever any question?

3. Is Nancy Pelosi A Bus? Cuz She's Taking Republicans To School. SER wrote this one, I assume it is the same as Evan's, I don't really remember.

2. House Might Impeach Trump A Bunch More Times For Sh*ts And Giggles, MERRY CHRISTMAS, TRUMP! The two articles of impeachment make for a pretty light Christmas stocking. There should be more please.

1. An Open Letter To Jane Lynch, RE: The Class War. Robyn wrote this and it was nice to Jane Lynch and it was also excellent.

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