Your Weekly Top Ten Has Made It Almost A Month With 'President' Trump. Only 47 More To Go!

OH HI WONKERS. How is it shaking? Are you watching the very cute video of Wonkette toddler Donna Rose right now? Yes you are, because this is the weekend, and that is what you do on the weekends. She is wearing a hat what was sent to her by one of you readers! Thank you, reader!

So it's time for your weekly top ten post, but first we need to shake you up for cash, so we can hold that fucker Trump accountable for his shit, and also because remember how we murdered all our shitty ads, and now are completely supported by READERS LIKE YOU? We need you to give dollars and subscription moneys and things! Will you throw $5, $10, or $25 at our faces? Or we even take thousand dollar and million dollar donations. Seriously, if you are able, then pull out your wallet and throw money on our face, for to resist Trump! You can also pull out an envelope and stamp and send money to Wonkette, PO Box 8765, Missoula MT 59807. Or do a "ad-fewer" subscription! (It isn't any different from a donation any more, because, again, we murdered all the ads so there can't BE any fewer!) Whatever, just please support us any way you can.

Look, it's the traditional Wonkette Baby Donation Pressure Lion Of Cuteness, who likes it when you throw dollars at her!


We shall now count down the top 10 stories of the week, chosen as usual by Beyoncé, who is double pragnet:

1. Oh look, here it is again, Robyn's post about how Ivanka Trump sucks at fashion. Read it again, or for the first time!

2. Dreamboat Justin Trudeau TOTALLY defeated Donald Trump in the handshake department, because Justin is strong and sexy.

3. Here's Joe and Mika, reading Kellyanne Conway for filth.

4. The intelligence community will see Donald Trump IN HELL.

5. Man, that Trump press conference Thursday was fucked up, wasn't it?

6. It's Joe and Mika again! Watch as it dawns on them that the Trump regime is KINDA autocratic, just a lil' bit.

7. Poor Kellyanne Conway. Poor, poor Kellyanne Conway. Send her some thoughts 'n' prayers.

8. Donald Trump did a TREMENDOUS job hosting the Japanese prime minister, LOL just kidding he's bad at that too.

9. Human bucket of goat smegma Jason Chaffetz thinks you'd have to pay people to protest him. Really.

10. And finally, Hillary Clinton's reaction to Mike Flynn's firing was LOLOLOLOLOL!

So there you go. Those are your top ten most clicked upon stories, according to Beyoncé The Pragnet. They are very good stories!

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