Your Weekly Top Ten Is COVERED IN SNOW

So hey there, America, we heard it was cold this past week or something? WHERE'S YR GLOBAL WARMIN' NOW, LIBS? But now it's getting warmer. SHRUG, WE LIVE IN THE SOUTH.

Actually though, we had days and days of the temp never getting above freezing, and Southerners (and our cable and internet lines) are NOT MADE FOR THAT SHIT. But anyway the high here today is supposed to be like 65 or something, so suck it. (THERE'S YR GLOBAL WARMIN', LIBS!)

Anyway, enjoy all these pictures of Wonkette Toddler in snow!

Shall we count down the top ten stories of the week? We shall.

Stories chosen as usual by Beyoncé:

10. Some Creep Set The Pizzagate Restaurant On Fire, Because That's Still A Thing

9. Is Devin Nunes Fucking One Last Cow To Protect Trump? MOOOOOOO-ybe!

8. Milo Yiannapoulos Loves Jesus, Hates Mammon, Is Stealing Gospel Songs Now

7. The Top 432,698 Reasons Acting AG Meatball Is Full Of Shit About The Mueller Probe Being Almost Over

6. Stupidest Man On Internet: The Sun Stops Working When It's Cold

5. 10 Out Of 10 Trump Intel Chiefs Agree Trump Is Utterly Full Of Shit

4. Trump Hosted A Happy Hour With Ginni Thomas' Conspiracy Kook Funtime Gang

3. CAVE, LOSER, CAVE! A Liveblog Of That Loser Caving

2. Let Us Bask In The Tears Of Heartbroken Trumpists!

1. Stephen Miller Is Really Fucked Up. No, We Mean REALLY FUCKED UP.

There you go! Those are good stories!

OK that's it, GOODBYE.



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