Your Weekly Top Ten Is Easy Like Sunday Morning, Except For How It Is Saturday

Your Weekly Top Ten Is Easy Like Sunday Morning, Except For How It Is Saturday

Wonkette operative Chris says: Here is my Della. She is a fluffy (recessive) coated English Mastiff who now weighs 182 pounds. She is a good good girl and is very protective of the place.

Hello there and happy Labor Day weekend! Labor Day, a day frequently marked by barbecues, celebrations of capitalism in the form of Labor Day Sales that require workers to go to work on a day supposedly meant to honor them and by being the last acceptable day to wear white shoes according to the old money snobs who invented a bunch of weird etiquette rules in order to trip up the new money snobs early in the last century, was an invention of politicians who wanted workers to stop celebrating May Day with the rest of the world, largely due to its radical history as a day to honor the Haymarket martyrs.

So it's kinda bullshit. Though not quite as much bullshit as the plan to totally thwart the commies by instituting Americanization/Loyalty Day on May 1st to replace May Day.

That being said, YAY WORKERS. In celebration and honor of workers (including me), Wonkette is taking it mostly easy with the posts this weekend. And tomorrow, in lieu of writing up our usual posts, Stephen and I invite you to join us right here at 12pm EST, right here, for a live stream chat (which you will also be able to watch later, at your leisure) and open thread. Exciting, no?

Anyway, here are your top ten posts of the week!

10. Police Just Might Defund Themselves Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates — Stephen!

9. Recall Polls Looking Better For Gavin Newsom, But You California People Gotta VOTE — Dok!

8. Why COVID-19 Makes It Hard To Remain Friends With Our Anti-Vaccine Phoebe Buffays — Stephen!

7. Get Out Your Finest Caftan, New York New York, You Are Having Friday WONK LUNCH! — Rebecca!

6. Judge Releases The Kraken On Sidney Powell And Lin Wood —Jamie!

5. Matt Gaetz And Jim Jordan Begged Trump To Call Off Rioters, Because They Knew Damn Well Who Sent Them — Liz!

4. Happy Birthday Molly Ivins! You'd Hate 2021, But Oh My, You'd Have Plenty To Say — Dok!

3. Who Is Mike Richards? Bet He Wishes We All Didn't Know The Answer — Dok!

2. Mississippians Too #Blessed To Stress Over Dying Of COVID, Says Governor — Me!

1. Christian 'Free Speech' Nonprofit Protects Fires Spokesman For Promoting Vaccines — Also me!

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