Your Weekly Top Ten Is Over It, Here Are Some Baby Pictures


Good God, what a week. How are you holding up? We are holding up decent-ish-ly and we will be fine, because we are listening to onemillionplaylists of songs to survive Donald Trump, and probably we are also #drunked right now. But we will be strong! And you will too! But right now, screw all this, we have some new WONKETTE BABY TODDLER pictures, and we will say the top ten stories and then we will peace out.

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Look, it's the traditional Wonkette Baby Donation Pressure Lion Of Cuteness, to help you give us money:


Shall we now count down the top 10 stories of the week, chosen as usual by Beyoncé, ALLEGEDLY? Yes we shall!

1. Donald Trump SO MAD Colorado fire marshal refused to let him die in a fire, yes this old story is in here again for some reason, and this time it is numero uno.

2. A nice open letter to all those non-racist, pro-gay, pro-lady Trump supporters!

3. A nice open letter inviting white women to FUCK RIGHT OFF.

4. Last week's Deleted Comments was about how Trump is not a racist and we're all going to the ovens, non-racistly.

5. BREITBART WATCH: If you don't count all the Clinton votes, Donald Trump won ALL THE VOTES!

6. A Trump idiot at Chili's made America great again ALL OVER a nice black veteran.

7. Trump supporters so confused why they don't get to act like Trump, at their jobs.

8. Fuck politics, let's just watch a shitty Angelina Jolie movie film.

9. Think Hillary won the popular vote? NOT ACCORDING TO THIS FAKE "NEWS" WEBSITE!

10. You should be just like this white guy at Starbucks yelling at a different white guy top stop being a fucking asshole to the black barista.

So there you go. Those are your top ten most clicked upon stories. They are very good stories!

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Thank you for following our orders! OK time for more pictures. Let's look at Wonkette niece in her "Walking Dead" costume again, because it is her birthday and she is three now!

Oh yeah, that's a 'Walking Dead' costume. Take that, PEOPLE DRESSED AS BUNNIES.

And more Wonkette Baby Toddler pictures!

OK now go away, or stay, we love you, you love us, let's just love each other.



Evan Hurst

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