Your Weekly Top Ten Is Part Of The Resistance Inside The Wonkette Media Empire


Hahahaha, hope you didn't think we were about to write a long funny parody about how we steal papers off Editrix Rebecca's desk or anything, because that's not how this post rolls. We write the top ten on TGI Friday, which means we are in the process of getting the fuckkkkk outta here. (But we do steal papers off her desk, ALLEGEDLY, all the way up there in Montana from way down here in Tennessee, and if she ever orders a foreign leader assassinated, we are gonna be like "nah, let's do cat pictures for the open thread post!")

Shall we count down our top ten stories? We shall.

Stories chosen as usual by Beyoncé:

10. Wyoming's John Barrasso Iillustrates Why US Senate Is Permafucked

9. Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD, Subpoenaed By Mueller, Something Something GAY OBAMA, Something Something FEMA CAMP

8. Brett Kavanaugh Calling Balls And Strikes All Over YOUR FACE. An Illegitimate Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Liveblog!

7. The 445,672 Most HOLY FUCKING BATSHIT Moments In Bob Woodward's New Trump Book (SO FAR!)

6. Fox News Celebrates Labor Day Weekend With Class...ism.

5. Did Hillary Clinton And Ariana Grande Hug At Aretha's Event, Or Johnny Walnuts's? A Funeral News Quiz!

4. Robert Mueller Bags Another Witch! And It's A GOOD ONE.

3. Small Government Enthusiast Laura Ingraham Wants The Government To Run Social Media

2. US Kind Of Likes The Idea Of Killer Robots

1. I AM BEEKEEPER NOW! By Shypixel

So there you go. Those are your top ten most clicked upon stories, according to Beyoncé. They are very good stories!

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Let's see ... anything else? NOPE.

OK this post is over now, goodbye.



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