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Ready to count down the top stories? Yes, you are.

Stories chosen as usual by Beyoncé:

10. The City On The Edge Of Nice Things

9. What Lies Is Fox News Telling Your Nana About COVID-19 Deaths Today?

8. Mike DeWine Walked Back Mask Order For Fear Of Offending People Who Don't Like Being Told What To Do

7. Trump Disbanding Coronavirus Task Force To Spend More Time Piling Up Corpses

6. Mike Pence Being Total Karen To Reporter Who Revealed His Mask Secrets

5. Is This Post About Kayleigh McEnany's Briefing, Or About Alex Jones Gonna EAT YOUR ASS? Click For Surprise!

4. This Ad Makes Trump Do The Ugly Cry, So Don't Watch It Unless You Just Want To

3. Trump Calls Dead Americans A Blue State Scam To Get Government Cheese

2. Yes, We All Hate Illinois Nazis.

1. No One Can Bake Bread Anymore Because This Lady Needs All The Yeast For Herself

Those are good stories!

Here are more pictures!

And also a video!

OK that is all, go with God, etc.



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