Your Weekly Top Ten Is Taking Bets On How Long It Takes Roger Stone To Flip On Trump


What a year we had yesterday! We're going to get right to it because ZZZZZZ, but here's a fun article for you to read from Gabe Sherman about how Roger Stone, who swears he'd never flip on Trump, will probably flip by next Tuesday, because people like that aren't actually loyal, just like Trump isn't loyal.

By the way, the picture above is of Wonkette Toddler Donna working in the Wonkette Ivanka Trump Sweatshop, yes that's right, when you buy merchandise from Wonkette, you can rest assured that Donna MADE IT with, um, that screwdriver.

Just kidding, Wonkette is not a real sweatshop doer like Ivanka Trump.

Shall we count down the top ten stories of the week? We shall.

Stories chosen as usual by Beyoncé:

10. A 2020 Democratic Primary Primer, For Kids!

9. Look Out, Chuck 'N' Nancy, President WALL Made A SPEECH

8. Forget Trump. Let's Have Some NICE THINGS.

7. Michael Cohen's So Excited! He's So Excited! He's So ... SCARED!

6. Trump Idiots 'Debunk' Michael Cohen Story By Shrieking HAW HAW BUZZFEED SUX!

5. Pelosi To Trump: Get Fucked, Orange Loser

4. Relax, Everyone: Donald Trump Is Still A Fucking Criminal

3. This Is The Future Republicans Want: MAGA Brats Mock Native American Drummer, Just To Be Assholes.

2. Laura Loomer Storming The Stage At The Women's March Almost As Cringey As The Time She Threw Herself At A Nazi

1. Lara Trump To Furloughed Workers: Drop Dead

There you go! Those are good stories!

Let's see, anything else?





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NYT video screenshot

The New York Times this weekend brought us a case study of how Donald Trump's family separation policy tore apart just one family last year, although this particular example is notable because it involves the youngest child known -- so far -- to have been taken from his parents at the US-Mexico border. Little Constantin Mutu was just four months old when he was taken from his father, Vasile, a Romanian seeking asylum in the USA, having believed all that outdated crap about the Statue of Liberty being the "Mother of Exiles." What a sap! We're not letting those tempest-tossed takers push US around any more!

Constantin was taken from his dad in February of 2018, a good two months before the Trump administration officially announced the family separation policy -- but which we now know had been operating covertly since the summer of 2017 before it was expanded last year. Vasile and Florentina Mutu, members of the Roma ethnic minority, came to the US seeking asylum after Florentina found out that when she'd had a C-section while giving birth to Constantin, the doctors had also sterilized her without her knowing it. She said she was handed papers while she was foggy from the pain of labor, and had no idea what she was signing, and reporter Caitlin Dickerson notes "human rights groups have documented the practice of forced sterilizations" of Roma elsewhere in Europe.

And the Mutus had heard all sorts of wonderful things about America, too. They made a living by leaving their village and begging or doing short-term labor around Europe, then going home, where life was less expensive, but some people from their village had reputedly gone to the US and become rich, although maybe those stories were exaggerated. Still,

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