God, we are tired. You hear Mike Pence is getting pulled into the impeachment inquiry? That's happening.

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Ready to count down the top stories? Yes, you are.

Stories chosen as usual by Beyoncé:

10. We Need To Talk More About The Private Server Where Trump Hides His Traitor Secrets

9. Robert DeNiro Is Just The Fucking Best

8. You Know What Liz Warren Was Missing? SEXY. Thanks Jacob Wohl And The Other One!

7. Donald Trump Is Stupid King Lear And The Wall Street Journal Is Fools And Madmen

6. Tucker Carlson Gonna Beat Up Another Gay Dude In A Bathroom, WATCH OUT SHEP SMITH!

5. It Just Got A Little Harder To Be A Horrifying Misogynist On Reddit

4. IN MEMORIAM: Fox News Dumps Todd Starnes Like An Overflowing Piss Jar

3. President BrainStupid Handling Impeachment Well Today

2. Did Wonkette Murder This Strange Man's Assault Cane Business? He Seems To Think So!

1. White House Worried Impeachment Will Make Trump Liddle' More Bugfuck Dead Weight Than Usual

Those are good stories!

Want another kid pic? By the way, both kid pics in this post feature outfits by Wonker "Tamsie."

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