Your Weekly Top Ten Makes This Face When We See Rudy Giuliani On TV

It's true, that face that Wonkette Toddler is making is the exact face we make when we see Rudy Giuliani go on TV and say all the crimes.

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Ready to count down the top stories? Yes, you are.

Stories chosen as usual by Beyoncé:

10. Oh Nothing, Just Trump Asking Rex Tillerson To Commit Crimes In The Oval Office For Rudy Giuliani

9. SNL's Elizabeth Warren Is Into BDSM -- Bank Destroyin' And Savin' Medicare

8. Any Trumps Or Trump Retainers Wanna Whine About People 'Profiting' Off The Presidency?

7. Quid Pro Qu-OOOOLY SHIT! Let's Read Some State Department Texts About Trump's Ukraine Crimes!

6. Marianne Williamson Denies Being A 'Crystal Woo-Woo Lady,' Is Still Every Other Kind Of 'Woo-Woo Lady'

5. 'Praise Jesus, Trey Gowdy Said YES!' And Other News From Trump's Very Smart Impeachment Lawyers

4. Rudy Giuliani And Lindsey Graham Gonna Impeach The Impeachers With UKRAINIAN SCIENCE FACTS!

3. Chuck Todd Devours Another GOP Senator, Please Sir May He Have Another?

2. Meghan McCain Asks Rachel Maddow If She Knows Why Fox News Is So Much Better Than Anything She'll Ever Do


Those are good stories!

Another kid pic:

OK that is all, go with God, etc.



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