Your Weekly Top Ten Still Hasn't Seen The Mueller Report TICK TOCK

Let's see, by our calculations we are now on DAY 22 since Bill Barr cleared Trump of all crimes past, present and future in the Mueller investigation. Supposedly we're going to get his version of it maybe next week. Does he think this is a fucking game and that the entire unredacted thing isn't going to come out eventually? Fuckstain idiot.

Anyway! It's the top ten post, where we count down the top ten stories of the week! Shall we? We shall.

Stories chosen as usual by Beyoncé:

10. The Funkiest Marx Brothers Movie Never Made

9. Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows Screaming, Hollering Because The FBI Investigated Crimes

8. And Now, A Congressional Hearing On White Nationalism, Starring Candace Owens

7. Hillary Clinton, We Found This QAnon Guy For YOU TO MURRRRDERRRR

6. Incident Involving A MAGA Hat, A Sword, A Pirate Costume And A Roller Rink Ends Poorly For All Involved

5. Senate Republicans So Mad At Trump, They Might Even Do A Thing!

4. Trumpy, Unfuckable And Shunned By Polite Society? DC's Hottest Club Is ...

3. Steve Mnuchin Won't Release Trump Taxes, Sends Drawing Of Calvin Peeing On Congress Instead

2. Let's Finish Our Week With Some Poll Porn About How Everybody Hates Trump!

1. Dean Cain Thinks Boycotting Georgia Over Its Bad Abortion Laws Is A Violation Of State's Rights

Hooray, those are very good stories!

Couple more pix for ya:

OK that's all, goodbye, go with God, etc.



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