Your Wonkette Top Ten Is Hanging In There, Baby

Your Wonkette Top Ten Is Hanging In There, Baby

Hi! So! Rebecca has decided she doesn't wanna do the Top Ten anymore, so I'm going to be doing it from now on. Yay? We're also gonna chill on the pictures of the kids. So I've got an IDEA that I will probably live to regret, inbox-wise. Why don't you all send some lovely 900x600 pictures of your cats (and other pets ... I guess) to along with a nice little blurb about them, and I will feature them in our main pic for the Top Ten. Hmmm? Also that way if I write about something that is too dark for a Saturday because I am not particularly great at gauging that kind of thing, y'all can just click over and look at a cat picture and be good. K?

Let's do this thing!

10. Telling Democrats To 'Do Something' Isn't Whining. It's A Warning.

9. Rude DOJ Won't Even Pay Steve Bannon's Million $$$ Legal Fees, Ain't That A Kick In The Ass!

8. DC Comics HEREBY ORDERS Batman Be Crappy At Sex

7. NC Plantation's 'But How Did Emancipation Hurt White People?' Juneteenth Event Canceled

6. Susan Collins Wants To Tax Electric Cars For Not Paying The Gas Tax

5. Wingnut Freaked Out By Woke Gay Homosexual Hobbitses

4. Biden Sorry For Being Pissy To Kaitlan Collins, Not Sorry For Making Peter Doocy Look Like Idiot (Again)

3. Louie Gohmert Sues Congress For Metal Detector Discrimination

2. Let's Watch This Blue's Clue's Video The One Million Moms Are Wigging Out Over!

1. Meet Ivory Hecker, Who Just Goat-Boned Her News Career To Death For James O'Keefe. Somebody Give Her Job?

Go read all of those things and I will be back in a bit with some other stuff for you to read and comment on!



Robyn Pennacchia

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