Your Wonkette Weekly Top 10 Is HIC!

Your Wonkette Weekly Top 10 Is HIC!

Guys, stop being dicks in the comments, still, again. The end.

Here's your stories!

10. Ohio Kooks Think COVID-19 Vaccine Will Give You Freaky Magnetic Powers Like That's A Bad Thing. These people are HILARIOUS.

9. Jerry Falwell Jr. HEREBY DEMANDS That Liberty University QUIT KINK-SHAMING HIM! This fucking guy.

8. What Time Is It? It's (Red) Wine (Paloma) O'Clock! Well hello Matthew Hooper! Come right on in!

7. Joe Manchin Can Name 12 Logical Fallacies Preventing Him From Supporting Voting Rights. This fucking guy.

6. And Now, Your Obligatory Post About Jeff Bezos's DONGROCKET. This was a good post.

5. 70 Percent Of Americans Gay For Gay Marriage, Happy F*ckin' Pride! YAY!

4. If You Like Pina Coladas, Here, Have One! And again!

3. Did Devil Give Rick Wiles COVID For Letting Milo Talk About Giving Up Dong On His Show? Sure Why Not. This was a weird one.

2. Milo Yiannopoulos Claims Going Ex-Gay Made Dogs Stop Barking At Him. It just sounds right.

1. Time For Fun New Game, 'Did Your Wonkette Donation Expire'! Well DID IT PUNK? Go ahead and check again. We love you.

And there you have it: This week's top 10 as chosen. BY GOD.

Now we are in Phillipsburg, where we drove three hours, the most beautiful drive in the world, all full of RED CHINA DEMOCRATS BLUE LIVES signs, to go to the candy store for Donna Rose's birthday. And it was closed and doesn't open till Sunday! And did I imagine the people at the RV campground restaurant glaring when they saw our children in masks, like they were doing their best not to call CPS? But then it turned out the boy at the playground, whom I slagged privately for his DOMINATE shirt, and assumed many terrible (unprintable) things about him, had two dads. And at least some of the problem was me.

Oh no girls, RUN! A RACIST STATUE!

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