Your Wonkette's Top 10 Political Teevee Clips Of 2008!


Thanks for your suggestions, America! We mostly agreed with your favorites, although a few "dark horses" made the final list because why not. Also, these are only teevee clips, not random D.I.Y. YouTubes of, what, Lego Sarah Palin in steampunk goggles fighting Darth Vader (Ron Paul) the fire-breathing dog with a sack of dildos & unicorn blood. (Someone please make that.) And so above -- as a bonus! -- we've posted the ABSOLUTE best self-made YouTube of 2008, in which the Paultards chase down Sean Hannity on a cold New Hampshire night. Hannity finally escapes into the hotel; the Paultards immediately grow silent until one lone hero yells, "You suck, Sean." Man, New Hampshire was so much fun, everyone there and not one with a clue...

10. On Election Day, celebrated Fox News retard Steve Doocy sees some random black dude in a beret walking into a polling location somewhere and claims he is "Barack Obama." A black woman is somewhere in the room too, and guess who Steve Doocy thinks she is?


8. The fairest letterputtertogetherer in the shining glen of silks & forestry that we humans call the Wall Street Journal, la regina de psychomajestical perambulatory paragraph smatterings, l'America's secular Hera transmitted live from thine bucolic chateau in a sterling silver pod that graces Jupiter's moons with her veritable orbit, MS. PEGGINGTON NOONINGTONSHIRE... uhh goes off the air and starts cursing like a mick.

7. Mitt Romney actually was Ronald Reagan when Ronald Reagan was president, because of magic. Ronald Reagan. Just saying. (Reagan.)

6. In Sarah Palin's first teevee interview with Charles Gibson, she says retarded stuff.


4. Amazing Fox News clown "Griff Jenkins" discovers some hippies protesting the DEMOCRATS, of all things, who have never ever supported a war! As they freely assemble and speak freely, Griff pretends that they are hurting him and barks at them, "WHY DO YOU HATE FREEDOM?"

3. That first dodge is the best thing Bush has ever done as president. What's even better is that dumb grin he puts on almost immediately after.

2. Hannity to Colmes: "Let’s see how YOU act after YOU get beaten for five and a half years."

1. Even by the standards of our politics, this is the most embarrassing thing we've ever seen -- for Sarah Palin, for us, for our Country. We mean that. And all it took was KATIE COURIC applying the pressure.


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