You've Been Ravaging Global Stability In My Mind All Day

Jimmy Carter is serenaded by drunks, Dick Cheney carefully selects which books will be burned in his knowledge destroying ceremony, and Paul Wolfowitz has a hotter, younger girlfriend to take long walks and talk about pillaging the world with.

Go get tan and drunk this weekend. Then come back rested and ready to send tips (with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line) about just who it was you saw at the beach with "dork" written on their chest in sunscreen.

* Jimmy Carter and his wife Roslyn were on Bourbon Street, of all places. They were listing to a band play at a little jazz garden area on Bourbon, between Bienville and Conti. After listening to several songs, the Carters walked out on to Bourbon and shook hands and greeted people with a fairly discreet Secret Service contingent around them. I lost sight of them as they turned down Bienville heading south toward the River. Both Jimmy and Roslyn look great for the ages. The people on the street and up on the balconies cheered and clapped and I heard someone yelling "God bless you, Jimmy!" from one of the balconies. I wonder if the adoration was because of Jimmy's humanitarian work or because he had declared the day before that Bush is the worst president ever.

* Saw Dick Cheney at the Georgetown Barnes & Noble. His little entourage was outside, and the place was crawling with goons. Anyway, he was browsing on the second floor for quite a while. I was surprised how close you actually were able to get to him. I walked right past him. There was a young woman in a long skirt holding a pile of books for him, but I couldn't see what they were. He paid downstairs, then was off. He spent at least 30-45 minutes there.

* Saw Paul Wolfowitz the other morning walking with a young, attractive, dark haired woman (not Riza) on the B&C tow path out by Great Falls.

* Saw Ladyhawke'sRutger Hauer at a Starbucks in Dupont Circle [5/24]. He was wearing a black blazer with red trim and a T-shirt with an image of Albert Einstein's head. In the half-second it took him to walk by my female colleague and me, he glared at me with eyes of hate and then winked at my colleague! It was a great moment. Classic Rutger.


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