You've Got Mail -- Bearing Tidings of Plague and Doom

Our gadget-obsessed sibling brings us this news:

A company called UpSnap has decided to be complete assholes and try to profit from the potential cataclysmic epidemic of bird flu. The service will inform persons when bird flu has reached their area with a text message.

On a more positive note, this isn't just some jackhole sitting in his basement watching the news everyday sending text messages. UpSnap's information comes directly from the Homeland Security Department, Centers for Disease Control, FEMA and the FBI.

We're curious about the wording of the UpSnap texts. Here's one possibility: "Bird flu has now reached your area. Have a nice day!"

Which is kind of hard to do, when you're coughing up blood and dying and shit.

Bird Flu Alert Service [Gizmodo]

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