Zero Amigos

* Iraq Study Group report is rushed back to relevance as the alternative "send more dudes" plan isn't working so good. [WP]

* Illegals who pick oranges for ten bucks a day and the rich suits who pay them in change both hate the new immigration bill. [WP, NYT]

* Bill Richardson wants to have his pupusa and eat it too. [WP]

* If Arlen Specter says Alberto Gonzales is resigning, you have it on pretty good authority that he's not. [NYT]

* If elected, Hillary Clinton promises 3 year-olds they'll have universal access to blocks, and John McCain's administration will be forthcoming about all the fuckups they make. [NYT]

* Hacky techniques used to sell candidates no one wants now being used on products and services no one wants. [WSJ]

* Increasingly sad and irrelevant White House calls Jimmy Carter "sad and irrelevant." [NYT]


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