Zombie Movie Good

Dead Gay SoldierThe Wonkette household settled down last night to watch Joe Dante's zombie political satire, "The Homecoming" and we can now report that it is even better than the concept of a zombie political satire about disenfranchised undead soldiers has any right to be. Reviewers had already pointed to the Ann Coulterish "Jane Cleaver" character, what we delighted in was the horse-legged-for-horse-legged duplication of Coulter's TIME cover as Cleaver's book jacket photos. Also good: The warning the protagonist receives about her, "Be careful son. She's what we used to call a...skank." The Karl Rove character's dubious sexuality is a nice touch as is his spin on the realization that the only soldiers returning as zombies are ones who oppose the war: "Look at all the veterans who support our cause by staying in their graves!" Funny because it's true.

Showtime airs it again Thursday.

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