Giant Baby Has Internet Tantrum. Again. Wonkagenda For Mon., July 30, 2018

Morning Wonketariat! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

In his latest Twitter tantrum, Trump whined about his laundry list of scandals, threatened journalists (again) and then threatened to shut down the government (again) if CONGRESS doesn't pay for his stupid wall. Wasn't Mexico supposed to pay for it?

Rudy Giuliani bitched about Michael Cohen on the Sunday shows, then whined to Axios about wanting Robert Mueller to "put up or shut up," likening the Trump-Russia investigation to "a guy playing poker." Maybe that that explains this cryptic tweet from yesterday morning...

A judge has ordered the Trump administration to find the parents of the 650 kids still being imprisoned in Trump's baby jails. Later today the judge is expected to issue a temporary ban on deportations.

For years the TSA has had a secret program to spy on travelers called "Quiet Skies," even if they aren't on any watch lists, and they're brushing off legal concerns that their mysterious mile high club is invading people's privacy.

The Trump tax cuts (for the super rich) slapped certain nonprofits with a 21 percent tax hike, and a number of churches are now freaking out about paying taxes for the first time.

With Trump and Republicans openly embracing crazy bullshit and racists, the Koch brothers are trying to buy their way out of another electoral clusterfuck (again) by diverting their money train, but that has pissed off Steve Bannon, who's demanding they "Shut up and get with the program."

The glut of Democrats running in 2020 has started a bottleneck at the doors of super-rich donors who can't make up their mind on which candidate is worthy of their investment.

Decades of district fuckery in Michigan at the hands of Republicans could be undone thanks to some old emails that literally spell out their plans to gerrymander elections.

Virginia's Republican Senate candidate Corey Stewart says he's not a "Nazi," but his staffers and volunteers have been involved in planning the Charlottesville sequel, praised the American Nazi party, and spox just warned against starting a business in "shithole" black neighborhoods.

Citing a recent Treasury report, an unreliable British tabloid is reporting that the Russian government just quietly dumped almost all of its US Treasury securities. Weird!

Thousands of people marched in Moscow this weekend in protest of a Putin-backed bill to rejigger pensions, and raise the retirement age.

The notorious RBG says she isn't going anywhere, telling CNN that, at 85, she still has at least another five years of fight left in her.

ALLEGED pedophile Roy Moore is not happy that Sacha Baron Cohen tried to make him look like a pedophile on "Who Is America?" He's not a pedophile, he's just a creepy old racist who really likes babysitting...

John Oliver 'splainered America's long, sad history of workplace sexual harassment and sat down with Anita Hill to talk about the cultural shifts over the last few decades.

And here's your morning Nice Time!

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