4Chan Tries To Pizzagate French Election With Dumb Incest Rumors They Made Up Themselves


Back before the election, a conspiracy emerged on the internets involving John Podesta, a pizza restaurant, a handkerchief and a supposed pedophile ring. A conspiracy we now know as PIZZAGATE. That conspiracy was created and spread by denizens of 4chan's /pol/ message board as part of a campaign to "meme" Donald Trump into the presidency. Back before that, they engineered the absurd conspiracy known as "Gamergate," an elaborate conspiracy involving pretending that their fears of women stealing their video games was somehow an assault on "ethics in games journalism."

Now, the trolls over at 4chan have a new goal! And it is to "meme" far-right (now former) National Front leader Marine Le Pen into becoming the president of France -- and to "meme" centrist Emmanuel Macron out of it. Macron is currently favored to win, and they're getting a tad frantic, because he does not hate brown people and Jewish people enough for their taste. Having the daughter of a famous Holocaust denier become president would be a major coup for these "anons," because they are terrible and very, very anti-Semitic, to the point of absolute freaking derangement.

BUT ONE OF THEM HAS A PLAN! And this plan is to spread a rumor that Macron is having an illicit affair with his step-daughter. Through memes. The first seed was planted Monday on 4chan, and discovered by Buzzfeed's Ryan Broderick.

Said "anon" wrote:

We need to stop this creep Macron from cucking up Europe, Le Pen is France's, and by extension, Europe's, last hope. We've got two weeks to wipe that Rothschild-smile off his face - and the only thing that can bring him down is a big EMOTIONAL scandal that turns him into the enemy of the left.

The left loves him because he wifed up his old teacher, Brigitte, who is like 30 years older than him, it plays into their "muh stronk, older woman can get hot young toy boys"-fantasy. Brigitte has got a 30 year old daughter from a previous marriage Tiphaine Auziere. Wouldn't it be funny if it got out that Macron had engaged, or tried to engage in improper conduct with the young (arguably) hot daughter of his strong semi-senile wife in the past - that his wife is a woman scorned, but hush money from (((the establishment))) was doused on the matter to keep it a secret. (that last part about the hush money might be a stretch, but hey)

There have already been allegations about Macron being a closeted homosexual so the idea that he is a sexual pervert is already planted in the peoples' heads...people might buy it and that would taint him into oblivion.

Well what do I know anons, I'm just a Swedecuck grasping for straws here but something must be done in these coming two weeks and this is the best angle I came up with for now, the frog-anons would obviously have to help spread this in frog.

Fledgling plan: MEMES and articles hammering home that Macron is a PAWN of the big banks and a WHITE MALE PATRIARCHAL PERVERT! French anons can help translate and spread in appropriate places.

The charming post was, naturally, accompanied by the following meme:

Since then, there are already people on Twitter trying to spread the rumor themselves, in hope of getting it to take off:

On the same thread, there is a link to a YouTube video including instructions on how to "meme" Macron.

If this is anything like the Pizzagate situation, we can next expect the rumor to pop up on subreddits like r/The_Donald, and then later in some YouTube rants, and then finally on Infowars.com. Soon, there will be people on CNN debating whether or not this theory has any grounding in reality, despite the fact that it is obviously just something some idiot just pulled out of their ass. That is how these things spread.

They start with a bunch of disingenuous trolls desperate to get their way, and then spread to people who are wacky enough to earnestly believe the rumor. Hell, they will often even acknowledge that it started as a 4chan troll, but will then insist that there is still "some truth" to it. This is, historically, just what happens when 4chan makes shit up. It happened the same way with their #EndFathersDay hoax -- to the point where even though they knew they made it up, many "anons" on the site continued to insist that it was a real thing that feminists were doing.

This is the way they operate, and it is oddly -- and unfortunately -- extremely effective. Because while they are insincere in their creation of these rumors, while they are obvious lies, they are desperately sincere in their reasons for pushing them. It's almost, dare I say, a strange sort of idealism. Those who follow their lead are equally sincere in their desire to search for conspiracies and rumors to bolster their deeply held beliefs.

Now, while these "anons" believe they are tapping into a form of magic (no, really) -- none of this is really especially different from traditional propaganda -- except instead of posters or essays or flyers, they're using memes. The goal is two-pronged -- both meant to tap into some deeper fear, and also to make it feel entertaining. Conspiracy theories are, at their deepest level, fun for those who believe in and spread them. They are more entertaining than real news and real facts, and allow those who believe them to feel, quite erroneously, that they are far more clever than those who live in reality. They are psychologically far more satisfying than the truth, and that is why they are dangerous.

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