69-Year-Old Lady With Oxygen Tank Cold-Cocked By Trump Dude, For America Obviously

Someone get Mike Pence back in the studio for a new interview, stat! Because I think we all really need to hear him weigh in on whether he would describe someone who would punch a 69-year-old woman in the face as "deplorable" or not. Enquiring minds want to know!

Police have a warrant out for Richard Campbell of South Carolina, a Trump supporter who was so mad at 69-year-old Shirley Teter for protesting against Donald Trump that he straight up cold cocked her, causing her to fall down onto her oxygen tank.


Teter, who protested against the Vietnam War and for civil rights in her youth, was outside a North Carolina rally with a group of other protesters, just doing some chanting and whatnot. At one point, she yelled "You better learn to speak Russian!" -- referring to Trump's adoration of Vladmir Putin, which apparently set something off in Campbell, who turned around and punched her right in the face. Teter then fell down onto her oxygen tank, causing bruising to her ribs. Police didn't arrest Campbell right away, because they didn't personally witness the event, but are looking to arrest him now.

There were several other incidents of Trump supporters assaulting protesters inside the rally as well, as the Citizen-Times reports:

"Inside the arena, the most notable disturbance came when protesters stood on the balcony behind Trump and began shouting. A man in a gray shirt made his way past several seated attendees and made a threatening gesture at the protesters.

One protester, Jeff Pinter of Asheville, said the man put up his fists, so Pinter grabbed his wrists. Video shows the man grabbing Pinter's shirt and appearing to strike him after another man in a suit, who appeared to be with campaign security walked between the parties.

Trump broke from his speech and began commenting on the incident, saying, "Is there anywhere in America more fun to be than a Trump rally?" Then, "It's OK, the cameras are following this."

The man in the gray shirt at another point slapped a woman protester in the chest, pushed another man on the back of the head and slapped at another woman."

The incidents occurred, no joke, just as Trump was talking about how unfair it was of Hillary Clinton to call some of his supporters "deplorable." The assailant, by the way, is Thomas Vellanti Jr. of Flat Rock and police have a warrant out for him as well. I hope his mother is very, very proud of him.

Not to offer advice to the enemy, but if you don't want anyone to call you deplorable, you should probably assault people less! Particularly 69-year-old ladies with oxygen masks on -- even if you really, really disagree with what she is saying! Also that is really not a thing anyone should ever have to tell you not to do, but if you need further advice, you should probably also not set orphanages on fire or torture kittens, as these are also things most other people are aware are very bad things to do.



Robyn Pennacchia

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