70 Percent Of Americans Gay For Gay Marriage, Happy F*ckin' Pride!

Happy Pride again! Time for a happy post with only a minimum of existential dread. Does that sound nice to everyone? Good.

A couple months ago we had a post about how everyone is mostly fine with marriage equality these days, even Republicans. In that poll, which came from the Public Religion Research Institute, 67 percent of Americans were cool with it, including 51 percent of Republicans. Even most religious groups showed majority support, except of course white evangelicals, AKA God's shittiest cohort.

Of course, it was just one poll. Maybe they fucked it up. Maybe they did it at a drag show. Maybe the only Republicans they talked to were lesbian NRA members and some dick Log Cabin-er named Chadley who was raised in the country club set and only cares about tax cuts, because Chadley is garbage.

Or maybe they didn't fuck it up. Those numbers were based on people's views in 2020. Now Gallup has a current poll showing that 70 PERCENT of Americans are fine with marriage equality, including 55 PERCENT of Republicans. They say the rising numbers are "driven largely by changes in Republicans' views." As they note, the top-line number is 10 points higher than it was in 2015 when the Supreme Court throatcrammed everybody with gay marriage.

The poll says 84 percent of youngs support marriage equality, but even among olds, it's up to 60 percent.

So that's all good news. Even in our hellscape, there is good news.

Of course, the current GOP war is on transgender folks, and there are those who are still dead-enders on gay rights and marriage equality and RELIGIOUS FREEDOM (to deny loving gay couples the frosted penis cakes they demand good Christians provide for their XXX weddings). Indeed, as with most things, that dead-end 30 percent seems like it's getting more bigoted and more set in its ways, and we have to be vigilant to fight back against the harm they're doing right now, especially to trans kids, since they think trans kids are their easy target now.

That said, it's kind of amusing to see those dead-enders scream at a world that's completely left them behind and wouldn't even notice they were there if they stopped trying to hurt people. What are the One Million Moms going on about? Oh, just those buttfuckin' LEGOS, with their rainbow colors and their constant buttfuckin'. Before that they were telling anyone who would listen about this hot new sex shop called "Etsy," which apparently is just full of dildos now.

We just checked the website, for the first time in YEARS, to see if one of the LGBTQ community's funniest erstwhile foes, "Porno Pete" LaBarbera (this is why his nickname is that), was even still alive, and if so, whether he was still screaming into the void about gays. He is, on both counts. He's shouting things about "Blue's Clues" and Kellogg's doing gay pride cereals, and oh yeah, surprise, lots of attacks on trans kids and adults.

Seventy percent of Americans support marriage equality, though, including 55 percent of Republicans. And as time goes on, as education happens, as people have more experience with trans people, those numbers are rising too. Two-thirds of Americans oppose anti-trans laws. Only 26 percent of Republicans, approximately the same percentage as among Democrats, support trans-bashing laws prohibiting medical treatment for trans kids.

Republican state and national legislators can go down this road, and they are doing that, but it will bite them in the ass. The president of the United States openly praises and acknowledges the contributions of trans Americans and nominates them to important federal positions.

Things are getting better, at least in some ways.

Oops, we forgot to put any existential dread in this post but Stephen wrote about vehicular homicide if that sounds like something you might want to read. (It's not even running until tomorrow, enjoy the nice post, Jesus Christ.)



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