8Chan And QAnon Are BACK, Just In Time To Make Thanksgiving Awkward AF!

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8Chan And QAnon Are BACK, Just In Time To Make Thanksgiving Awkward AF!

After several false starts over the past few weeks, 8kun, the replacement for 8chan, is finally in business and ready to start enabling the spread of batshit conspiracy theories once again. As you may recall, 8chan got kicked off much of the internet after three separate racist mass shooters posted their manifestos on the forum prior to their murder sprees. This meant that "QAnon" was gone as well, which of course was devastating for the throngs of idiots who actually think that "Q" is someone from the Trump administration (who is possibly JFK Jr., whom you may recall died in 1999 flying a plane he didn't particularly know how to fly) giving them secret messages to decode, for the purpose of saving the country and making America great again.. Many of them were inconsolable and lost, others even gave up, deciding that perhaps they'd been abandoned forever and questioning whether it was truly ever real to begin with (it was not real).

The new name, 8kun, is meant to be a pun. While the chan in 8chan and 4chan stands for "channel," -chan is the Japanese suffix often used to denote a child, while the -kun suffix refers to a man. But are they growing up? Oh, hardly.

Anyway, because 8chan/8kun is back, so is our old friend QAnon, with their first "drop" in three months. As per usual, it is a bunch of nonsense that totally explains the whole entire universe if you do some acid and squint real hard. Naturally, the "bakers" (that's what they call themselves) have started "doing their own research" in order to interpret said nonsense. This generally means doing numerology to all of the letters and also all of Trump's tweets and then, also, for some reason, saying a bunch of really appalling anti-Semitic crap.

In one "drop," Q links to two tweets — the first of which interprets one of the old "drops" as Q saying that they were going to "go dark" for 93 days, which just so happens to be THE EXACT AMOUNT OF DAYS that Q was not doing his droppings. Because Q psychically knew that 8chan was going to get kicked off the internet because of all the shooter manifestos, and not figure out how to get back on before now.

The other link was to this tweet, which I've read five times so far and still cannot wrap my brain around.

Underneath the two links is the phrase "RIG FOR RED," which I would have assumed meant that there was a plan in place to rig the election in favor of Trump — but according to the QAnons, it actually means that Q is going to reveal themselves soon, because it's what they say when a submarine comes to the surface.. OOH! I can hardly wait!

Another drop included this random video of a flag waving.

American flagwww.youtube.com

While you, who are probably terrible at "research," might not think this is anything, one astute Voat commenter (warning: there's also a lot of anti-Semitic bullshit at that link, because of course there is) pointed out "No chemtrails in the sky behind that flag... just sayin'"

In case you were unaware, the QAnon people have merged with the chemtrail people but now they keep trying to say Trump either got rid of the chemtrails or made the chemtrails healthy because he controls them now. I wish I were making this up, but behold:

#SerialBrain2 - Winning: Trump now controls the chemtrails! (Pt.2)youtu.be

MY HEART. I am a sucker for a good crossover episode.

Of course, there were also some more complicated "theories."

Want to have your mind blown?
Go to gematrix.com and type in RIG FOR RED(post #3574) and you'll get 321 in jewish gematria
Now type Seattle and you'll also get 321.
Now go to post #3573 and click on the Youtube link. Look at the url and simply take the capital letters. In this case ZBRSAO(clutching at staws, I know). The gematria amounts to 723.
Now type in: you'll die if. The result is 723.
So if we put this together the message reads: You'll die if Seattle.
For those of you who don't know, there is a huge FF planned tomorrow in Seattle at the NFL game. They want to blame it on a terrorist nuclear attack so they can start WW3.

Well. It only makes sense. My mind is certainly blown. In some way or another.

We talk about a lot of things being the result of technology and the subsequent move away from regular human contact and socialization, but this truly is the worst of the worst. While there were certainly conspiracy theorists prior to the internet and social media, it was never this bad outside of actual cults. Part of the reason for that is that this nonsense is a real tough act to take on the road and really only begins to make sense to people once they are pretty isolated from regular human contact. Because if you start going around saying crazy things like "My numerology website proves that there is gonna be a false flag tomorrow at a football game," people will tell you no, and then when there isn't a false flag at the football game, they will say, "Hey Bob, look what didn't happen." Socialization is what tempers this kind of radicalization and forces people to stay in touch with reality.

The fact that QAnon is back is, no doubt, going to make for more than a few awkward Thanksgivings, with Aunt Barbara sitting around looking for secret messages in The National Dog Show. But if you have the wherewithal to do so, try to get them to talk about something else, anything else. It's not your job to try to deprogram them and doing so will probably just make them dig their heels in more, but you can make them remember what normal, regular, human interaction and socialization is like — because at this point, it's the only chance they've got left.

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