A Children's Treasury Of Drunken Wonker Perverts And Weirdos

A Children's Treasury Of Drunken Wonker Perverts And Weirdos

HELLO PERVERTS AND WEIRDOS, here are your pictures from the first in a series of Wonkette Drinky Things and Meetups, this one in Los Angeles. Bammerz did not drop in, my head hurts. There will be only light posting today, so all of you who complain about how there are too many posts waaah you can not read through every single comment on every single one, today you get a reprieve. Do not get used to it! Tomorrow there will be 37 posts! AND YOU WILL LIKE IT! Pictures of a lady's breasts after the jump.

Here are the breasts of a lady. (Total lady count: four! Including Callyson and T-Bogg's wife, Brenda, who drove up from San Diego! Benincasa flaked.)

Here is a really pretty picture of Kirsten! It was taken by someone, M. Bouffant we think.

Here are the people. (Probably about 40 people? It was a good turnout!) Some youngs came! Chilequiles drove up from Santana, but most of the youngs came from Silverlake and Los Feliz, because hipsters.

And here is Chilequiles, with me. Look how cute he is, you guys! Everyone was very nice, and they will immediately tell you what a grand time they all had, RIGHT?

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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