A Children's Treasury Of Nazi-Themed Signs At Jim Hoft's Sad Dumb Los Angeles Teabag Thing


Once upon a time Jim Hoft, "the Gateway Pundit,"said a very stupid thing. Some putz from the DSCC or DCCC or OFA or something, we don't know, it is lost in the mists of time, sent out an email saying "civility alert or something, teabaggers are waving signs with Nazi symbols on them!" Jim Hoft, "the Stupidest Man on the Internet," said he would give $3150 to anyone who could provide proof, as, he said, "THIS NEVER HAPPENED."

Well, it took your Wonket a solid 90 seconds of googling to find Washington Post pictures of a rally from that very week where Teabag People were comparing the IRS to the SS, with the clever lightning bolts and everything! We can haz muneez now Jim Hoft? No we cannot Haz! Because Jim Hoft then claimed that the DSCC or whoever guy had CLEARLY intimated that the teabaggers were carrying signs approving of the Nazis, because fuck it why not! Was that what the guy had said? Well, no, but that apparently did not stop Hoft from going back into the post, adding the word "approvingly," and completely changing the terms of his challenge five seconds after his challenge had been met. Then Jim Hoft claimed we owed him $3150.

We are beginning to think Jim Hoft might not be intellectually honest!*

So we went to their big dumb "Rage Against the Media" rally at the Los Angeles federal building with a simple message: #PAYTHEFUCKUP. And what do you think we saw there? How about two separate dudes waving Nazi-themed signs!

We guess they did not get the memo about THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. Whoops.

Now, the guy on the left next to the Nazi-themed flags is Eric. He had come over to rip up our clever "Nazi-Themed Sign" sign, and after a few minutes of him yelling at us about the Holocaust, and after we got him, using our Calm Voice, to return to us our property, we kind of felt bad and decided maybe "Nazi-Themed Sign" wasn't that awesome of a sign after all, and we put it away.

That was when Eric, true to his word, started going around to all the other Nazi-themed signs and yelling at them things like "I DISAGREE WITH BARACK OBAMA, BUT HE IS NOT TRYING TO PUT ME IN AN OVEN," and that it was ... inappropriate for them to suggest he would. Unfortunately, dude was fazed not even a little, disagreed about the likelihood of a new American Holocaust under the Kenyan Prince, and kept his clever SS flag there all day :(

There were probably about 75 people there. We were impressed, on the real, with the number of people of color attending. Like, you would have needed more than one hand to count them, probably!

This guy, Tony Katz, told a five-minute story about how he hurt his arm so he can't drink coffee or smoke cigars and he sure does love cigars, and he gave someone a cigar, and then something something boringcakes. I mean, really, he was just terrible. He followed this up by lying about us, and how we were there to counterprotest their call for "honest media," because we are "against" "honest media." Nope. Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie. We were there to get Jim Hoft to #paythefuckup.

We put that "Nazi-Themed Sign" sign away pretty quickly, like we said above. It was a little too meta.

We left before Jim Hoft gave his funny Racist Rodeo Clown presentation, because we were bored. It is unknown at press time whether or not he bobbled the president's big ol' nigra lips. He did happily repeat an easy lie about us, though, in that very blog post!

*Here is something weird about Jim Hoft. He does not actually present as stupid. We asked Callyson, Steverino, and our pal Laura, and they all agreed! What he does give off is a kind of slyness: like how Scientologists will do any fucked up thing to get ya, for the greater Scientology good, Hoft is unafraid to throw bald misrepresentations and unfacts if it will confuse an honest adversary or trick one of his simpleminded readers. He gets a little smile on his face when he's telling a lie. It is gross and sad. Also, he is a little bit super-fey. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

[Photos by Laura Shapiro]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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