A Children's Treasury Of Reactions As Al Jazeera America's Sharia Plot Creeps Into Detroit


Aseveryone who watches Fox News unironically knows, Dearborn, Michigan, is filled with Islamist sleeper cells just waiting to be activated by an Al Jazeera anchor instructing them to play a nice game of Halal solitaire. With the go code delivered, these Muslim terrorists will rise up and strike at America's Arsenal of Democracy, reducing the city of Detroit into a bombed-out, nearly vacant ghost town of a city.

Oh, that won't happen! shouts the blame America first/excuse terrorism sheeple who just want free stuff from Obama's Sharia socialist usurper regime even if it means your children will be sent to madrassas. Even if that does happen, the sheeple continue, it won't happen for a long, long time. Yeah, that's just what they want you to think.

The Jihad is going to happen sooner rather than later, you guys, because Al Jazeera is cold opening a bureau in Detroit! Right by all those sleeper cells in Dearborn!

The "Dearborn" Yr Wonket refers to is the Islamist Disneyland "Dearborn" that exists in the minds of wingnuts and not the actual city of Dearborn. In the actual Deadborn, the FBI thought they found a sleeper cell once but it turned out to be some guy who used to work for an airline caterer. Otherwise Dearborn is just a place where a lot of Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans live and work and own businesses and raise families and have a pretty good high school football team. The place is basically Dillon, Texas, with better hummus.

But let's not allow facts and reality to get in the way of a really good anti-Muslim narrative. Al Jazeera is coming to Detroit, supposedly to cover the auto industry, but you and Michele Bachmann know what really going on. So do lots of other people.

Brandi L. Eave is disturbed. This much we know.

Three exclamation points is equal to how many Drudge sirens?

Pasch, a former Santorum staffer and "aspiring travel guru," rightly assumes that a broadcast outfit financed by an oil-producing state would be biased toward electric cars. Because we'll so too busy charging our Chevy Volts to react to the sleeper cell attacks.

And it's not just Twitter. Commenters on a Detroit News article are equally concerned about Al Jazeera creeping into the Motor City.

Lee Liu, a "top commenter" and UCLA grad, speaks truth to power: "Types of stories they will not cover. Gay Man Badly Beaten in Paris By Muslims."

Ironically, the source of the "Gay Man...Beaten" story Liu cites? Al Jazeera. Go Bruins!

Another commenter, whose real Facebook-verified name is "Grand Rapids Isnt Detroit, Why?," wants to know if Detroit "needs" this:

The network, which has 70 bureaus around the world, has drawn fire from critics who argue that it lacks independence; some have called it a propaganda tool for terrorists.

A propaganda tool for terrorists.Is this what Metro Detroit needs.

Even odds, this guys believes every Obama conspiracy theory from Russia Today.

Honestly, the sleeper cells can't be activated soon enough.

[Detroit News]


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