A Children's Treasury Of Shep Smith Being Substantially Less Terrible Than Everyone Else At Fox

A Children's Treasury Of Shep Smith Being Substantially Less Terrible Than Everyone Else At Fox

Shephard Smith, who has been an anchor at Fox News since it's inception in 1996, announced yesterday that he was leaving the network for good. Word on the street is that he left because he was just straight up sick and tired of having to bicker with Fox's opinion side, Tucker Carlson in particular, and of trying to do actual journalism on a network that has absolutely no interest in actual journalism.

The tipping point in this was most likely a recent tiff with Tucker Carlson, after Carlson and his lawyer friend insisted that Trump asking Ukraine for dirt on Biden couldn't be a crime because he is the President of the United States and therefore nothing he does can be considered a crime. Smith and former judge Andrew Napolitano said, correctly, that it was, resulting in Joe diGenova calling Napolitano a FOOL and Smith then complaining about him insulting another guest like that. It was a whole thing! But afterwards, Smith was told that if he went after Carlson again, he would be let go. He probably simmered on that for a while, got mad as hell and decided he was just not going to take it anymore.

Smith's steadfast determination to do actual journalism instead of making shit up resulted in a rather contentious relationship with Donald Trump, who took a shot at him as he left.

It's true. Smith's ratings were not so great compared to Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, largely because — like the network itself — Fox's viewers are not interested in actual journalism either.

But, you know, he tried. And a good deal of the time, he managed to be a beacon of sanity on a network not exactly known for that — so let us take a look back some of Smith's best moments.

Naturally, we have to start out with the classic "There is no invasion, no one is coming to get you" speech, which remains, in my opinion, one of the goddamn funniest things to ever be said in a news broadcast.

There was the time he read Donald Trump for filth over the way he treated CNN's Jim Acosta.

And the time he told Fox viewers to calm their damn faces about Ebola, contradicting the network's policy of trying to freak everyone the fuck out about Ebola.

Shep Smith's rejoinder to "irresponsible" Ebola coveragewww.youtube.com

And, of course, the time Smith debunked all of Trump's Spygate bullshit.

And the time he accidentally said that residents of Jennifer Lopez's former neighborhood did not want to give her a blow job. Sure, it's not a takedown, but it is hilarious.

Shepard Smith Blooper 4 Nov 02, Jennifer Lopez Blow Job commentwww.youtube.com

As is his pre-Fox coverage of a G.G. Allin concert. I like the part where he actually calls GG Allin "GG Kevin Allin."

Shep Smith Reporting on GG Allinwww.youtube.com

Anyway! About half of Shep's better moments are no longer available on the internets (as far as I can tell), so that concludes this roundup. We don't know who Fox will find to replace him, but odds are they won't be going with another sane person this time around.

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