A-Hole Ben Carson Urges 5th Graders To Cast Stones At 'Worst Student'

Like Jesus

You think God whispered this one into Dr. Ben Carson's ear, or did he think up such Good Christian cruelty all on his own?

It's not as if the oh-so-good doctor intended to promote bullying at the campaign event in Iowa, where apparently a class of fifth graders were forced to endure him. He was trying to tell one of those parable things -- just like Jesus! -- about what an idiot he was in school, when he wasn't busy stabbing people, and look how he turned out! (Like a goddamned idiot is how.)

Great story, doc. But at least he meant well.

This is probably one of those situations where the scandal-hungry media is going to take Carson's harmless words out of context, isn't it? So let's be clear on what his words were, exactly:

Much better, don't you think? As for the kid deemed "worst" -- maybe for being the class dummy like Carson, or maybe just because kids are assholes -- well, surely that kid understands Carson was just kidding, and hopefully everyone has learned a real valuable lesson today about how it's OK to pick on kids and point and laugh at them and humiliate them HAHAHAHAHA, so long as they grow up to be like Ben Carson.

[Timothy Meinch, DM Register]


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