Aaron Schock Snuck Hot Male Personal Photographer On India Trip, How Romantic!

Rude journalists are just out for Illinois Congresscritter Aaron Schock's blood these days, scouring his Instagram for pictures that look like they came from sexy, unreported trips that the taxpayers might have bought for him, due to what seems to be a pattern of ethics violations and questionable spending, and by golly it looks like they found another one!

We reported several weeks ago that Aaron had hired his own personal "Jonathon," in the form of Jonathon Link, a sexy "personal photographer" in possession of Gay Face, whose myriad services are ABSOLUTELY necessary to the work of being America's Top Heterosexual Congressman. Jonathon goes everywhere with him, takes all his pictures, and we don't know what other "duties" he has, but we're pretty sure they don't include romantic candlelit massages, unless they do. Well, it looks like Jonathon has been performing "duties" since before he was actually put on the Schock payroll, because guess what, Aaron Schock took Jonathon to India without telling anybody, in August 2014, a month before Schock actually "hired" Jonathon! Let the National Journal fill you in on the latest news that has Come Out:

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Schock traveled to India on official business in August 2014, a trip during which he met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Global Poverty Project, an advocacy organization that seeks to alleviate extreme poverty internationally, footed the bill, according to a spokesman for the group.

But Schock's photographer and videographer, Jonathon Link, traveled with him on the trip, which was well-documented on Schock's Instagram account. The organization offered to pay for the costs of one staffer to accompany Schock as long as the staffer flew economy class, according to the spokesman. Another aide was originally going to come, but the organization noted they were looking for a photographer, and Schock suggested Link, with whom he has worked in the past, the spokesman said. The photos Link took were made available to both Schock and the Global Poverty Project.

First of all, that is AWFUL to make Jonathon with an 'O' sit in coach, he and his Congressman like to sit together. Jonathon probably did not say, at the airport, "Is this how it's going to be, Aaron? Hiding me in coach like some dirty secret you're ashamed of?!" Why would he have said that? He's just there to take pictures, and that's it.

Secondly, which aide was ORIGINALLY going to come, was he hot, and did they have a fight or something? Sadface. Well, regardless, India sounds really nice, we want our husband to take us there, when we get a husband! It probably totally sucked that the Congressman had to do "business stuff" during the trip, but that's just the price you pay for being the unreported companion of Aaron Schock.

So what's the real problem with all this? Oh, it is that even though he might have been Schock's "aide" at that point, kids these days with their names for things, he was not actually On Schock's Staff yet, at least not officially:

The problem is House rules allow a member to accept private money for a companion's travel expenses only if the companion is a staffer, spouse or child. Link was none of those; he didn't appear on Schock's official or campaign payroll until September 2014.

Furthermore, Schock never disclosed that Link accompanied him on the trip, according to a review of public records. Members are allowed to accept money from private sources for some travel as long as they disclose it, and they also are required by law to disclose in writing when someone accompanies them on a trip paid for by an outside organization.

Well perhaps if Aaron Schock hadn't voted against gay stuff repeatedly in the Congress, they could have simply gotten married, you know, just for tax purposes, bro, helping a buddy out, in India, at luxury hotels. (Which, by the way, boys? Legal both in DC and in Illinois, even for Republicans. Not that that applies in this situation, you're straight and you just met!)  But we cannot imagine why Schock didn't want to tell anybody that Jonathon was going with him. Maybe it was intended to be a SECRET congressman/photographer trip, for bonding? How can Jonathon, as a photographer, really capture Aaron Schock's essence, if he doesn't know that essence firsthand?

The National Journal points out that this particular case is a bit nit-picky, and might not even be a story, were it not for all the other questionable things Aaron Schock has been doing with tax and campaign moneys, private planes, Downton Abbey offices, the aforementioned Jonathon, and God knows what else. It's all starting to construct a be-glittered mosaic of a very charmed life, but definitely NOT A BUDDING ROMANCE WITH AN "ARTISTIC TYPE," with the bill possibly being footed by the taxpayers.

Anyway, more pics from the India trip, please. Did you boys go surfing in the Indian Ocean or go to the Taj Mahal at sunset while you were there, or did you just stay in the hotel room most of the time? We would like to see those, for journalism.

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