Ben Shapiro's Tradwife Sister OBLITERATED Feminism And Now We Have To Go Back To The Kitchen

Ben Shapiro's Tradwife Sister OBLITERATED Feminism And Now We Have To Go Back To The Kitchen

Sad news, ladies!

I know we've all had a swell time these past few decades since the sexual revolution, what with having human rights and being able to do what we want and all, but it is time to give up, pack it in and head to the kitchen to make some man a sandwich and have 10,000 of his babies.

Why? Because Abby "Classically Abby" Roth Shapiro, sister to Ben Shapiro, has officially "OBLITERATED the feminist revolution." In a video posted to Twitter this weekend by a group called Young America's Foundation, Shapiro addresses what we can assume from context is a group of high-school age students and tells them all about her convoluted understanding of feminism and Marxism why those things are bad and evil.

She says:

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking success is limited to our jobs. We are sold that lie every single day. We are told that getting married and having a family is boring. We are told that being religiously observant is constraining. We are told that being involved in your community is a burden.

Who tells you this, Abby? Are these people in the room with you now? Have you perhaps considered that people who do enjoy their careers or who don't want to get married and have a family or who are not religious don't really care if other people want to do something different? That they are just doing what works for them, personally?

We see it every day in articles online, in movies, in the shows that we stream. Every message we get in this modern hustle culture, outside of our religious communities and our own intuition, tells us to throw real purpose out the window in favor of what amounts to a careerist grind. True success is climbing the totem pole or being famous, or making lots and lots of money, or even just living in a perpetual “treat yourself” mindset for your personal fun and ease, to the detriment of everything else.

Where does this lie come from?

Unironically, Marxism.

Well, doesn't everything!

If there is anything Marxism is responsible for, it is "hustle culture."

I'm actually going to take a moment here to point out that actual Marxism, not the weird, made-up Marxism that exists in Classically Abby's mind would completely support many of the things she says she wants. The central tenet of socialism, as described by Marx, is "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."

It's capitalism that says that people should only be able to survive and have their needs met by producing capital and ignores the other ways that people contribute to our society, which Marxism does not. Indeed, in 1972, a group of Marxist autonomist feminists in Italy (including my fave, Silvia Federici) launched the International Wages For Housework Campaign, based on the belief that homemaking and taking care of children is as much a contribution to society as anything else, and the fact that it is work and people shouldn't have to sacrifice economic power in order to do it.

It's leftists who believe that not only does all work have value, but that human beings deserve to have their basic needs met regardless of how good they are at producing capital for others. Things like universal healthcare, improved labor laws, higher wages, etc. would actually help those who wanted to stay home and take care of their children do so.

But enough of that. Let's find out how Marxism has hurt Classically Abby:

Every rotten part of our culture has its origin in the Marxist ideology that the world is divided between oppressors and the oppressed.

Spoiler alert: The next several minutes of Abby Shapiro's speech are her talking about how feminists are the oppressors and people like her are the oppressed.

This has been a popular take on the Right lately, and it's a pretty bold one considering the fact that anyone who is not daft or disingenuous can see that today and throughout history, people have been oppressed and people have been oppressors. It would be ridiculous to not acknowledge that this is factually true. But what they want is for the oppressed to graciously pretend as though this is not the case. For people of color to pretend they do not experience racism in order to protect the feelings of white people, for the poor to pretend things are working out just as well for them as the rich, for women to simply not notice when they don't get paid as much as men and so on.

Let's skip ahead a bit, shall we?

Instead of viewing men’s hard work as their role in helping provide for their wives and children, men’s work became the end-all-be-all of fulfillment and meaning.

The only way for women to find the same happiness and purpose these men supposedly had, was for them to do what men do, working outside the home in a life-consuming career.

The media ran with this, helping to erase the worth of stay-at-home mothers by promoting feminists like Betty Friedan and her book "The Feminine Mystique," which called suburban home life “a comfortable concentration camp.”

Classically Abby has probably not read The Feminine Mystique, which, ironically enough, was only a book because when Betty Friedan initially tried to write it as an article, no one in "the media" would publish it.

Now, it's been a while since I've read it, but it is not as if The Feminine Mystique is some manifesto about how homemakers are bad and suburban home life is bad and no one should be allowed to do that — it was initially an exploration of the fact that many of the women Friedan knew at the time who did adopt that lifestyle were just ... unhappy. They were these intelligent, well-educated women who were living in a society that, at the time, kept telling them that, as women, they should be satisfied and entirely fulfilled by that life, by being wives and mothers and homemakers and they just weren't. They tried. They tried to live that life that Abby Shapiro insists every one of us is biologically destined for, and it made them miserable.

That doesn't mean it can't make Abby Shapiro happy. I'm sure it makes her very, very happy. But not everyone wants that. Unfortunately, it seems she can't enjoy her happy homemaker life unless everyone else goes along with her.

The fact that men and women naturally have different roles and the fact that women find their joy and meaning in motherhood, was unimportant in the face of the revolution that the women’s liberation movement was fighting for.

Except, again, they did not find joy and meaning in that. If they did, The Feminine Mystique never would have been written in the first place. They didn't want anyone to tell them what their "natural" role is any more than many of us want that now.

So we’ve established two things. One, the careerist idea of success and the so-called freedom of single-ness at the expense of family is a modern invention of the Left as part of its attempt to destroy traditional values. And two, just like everything else concocted by the Left, it gets human nature completely wrong and will make you miserable if you believe in it.

And yet, things "concocted" by the Left, which include unions, just cause terminations, universal health care, universal childcare, paid family leave, paid sick leave, paid vacation time, outlawing stock buybacks, living wages, universal basic income, publicly funded college, child tax credits, affordable housing, and flexible work schedules would make choosing to work or stay home more of an actual choice, and that would make it easier and less economically daunting to have children in the first place.

Thanks largely to right-wing economic policies that started during the Reagan administration, there are not exactly a lot of people who can afford to raise a family on a single income, even if that is what they wanted. So perhaps this is something Classically Abby should worry about more than whether or not people she doesn't know are judging her for being a housewife.

Armed with that information, the next step is to prepare yourselves to deal with the pressure you’ll be under to conform to this idea of success as you enter college and the real world. Not just conform in terms of trying to fit in, but also in terms of judging and comparing yourself to others’ careers and ambitions and beating yourself up if you make the boring, unexciting or unimpressive decision to live a loving, more quiet life of family and faith.

Why does everyone have to want the same thing?

Different strokes for different folks.
And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo.
We got to live together.

— Ancient Proverb

Contrary to what Classically Abby and other tradwives keep insisting, feminists are not going around worrying about their personal choice to stay home and have babies. In fact, I think she ought to work on her staying home game a little more. Really get into that whole "women should be seen and not heard" scene.

The thing is, we are all far too busy worrying about having our reproductive rights taken away and other far more immediate dangers to devote any real time at all to shaking our fists in the air and being sad that some chick we don't know is emulating Donna Reed. There are lots of people out there who spend their days worried about how other people are living their lives, for sure, but if Abby Shapiro wants to find one, she should look in the mirror instead of to her left.

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