According To Ted Nugent, Ted Nugent Is Your New Rosa Parks, America


When you think about Ted Nugent, what do you think about? A litany of failed TV shows? A dude stone cold spewing some racist bullshit? Naw, mang. You think peaceful civil rights superhero, of course.

Heavily armed with whatever media bully pulpit I can muster, I exercise my First Amendment rights like my hero Rosa Parks who refused to sit at the back of the bus when that numb-nut law existed. I’m Rosa Parks with a Gibson.

Oh, Teddy. How do we count the ways in which you are not Rosa Parks, aside from the fact that you are not a black lady? First, Rosa Parks did not have a "media bully pulpit" what with how the major networks weren't exactly giving oodles of airtime to civil rights activists and no one had yet invented the internet so there was no civil rights lady version of WND. Next, Rosa Parks was actually breaking a law when she failed to sit in the back of the bus and got arrested while you, Ted, are not getting arrested for any of your nonsense even when you yellmumble about how if Obama gets elected you will be dead or in jail. Your life is pretty chock full o'freedom, Ted Nugent! Also, too, generally the heroes of the American civil rights movement did not usually compare their super incredibly peaceful actions to guns:

As a self-made man who bows down to no man or institution, my free speech is a veritable G.E. Minigun of truth and common sense that mows down liars, socialists and other anti-American vermin with a high capacity magazine full of facts, confirmed evidence, self-evident truths and real world logic.

However, much as it pains us to write this, the Motor City Angerbear actually ends up turning in a semi-nuanced bit of thinking in this latest column. See here, there was a professor, David Guth, at a state university who thought it would be a dandy idea to tweet, after the Naval Yard shooting, that the blood was on the hands of the NRA and next time it should be their songs and daughters. Bad life choice, professor! He was suspended for the duration of the 2013 school year, but the Nuge uses his high-capacity magazine of truth, or whatever the hell it is, to point out that dude should not have been suspended.

While Guth’s shrill tweet shows his thunderously dumb anti-gun bias, it doesn’t appear he tweeted it while on the clock at the University of Kansas.

As a full-time First Amendment addict, the issue is about Guth’s right to show how incredibly and disconnected and ignorant he is. So long as Guth tweets or blogs on his own time and does not use taxpayer university resources to advance his brain-dead leftist views, I believe we must err on the side of his free speech rights.

Fuck a world where we have to agree with Ted Nugent, but goddammit we have to agree with Ted Nugent here and congratulate him for wango tangoing himself into an intellectually honest and consistent position: Ted Nugent has free speech and others should too. We cannot argue with that! Now, Ted's speech is dumber, more offensive, and more absurd than most, and his belief that he is a bulwark of freedom is downright weird, but at least he believes every errrebody should get to talk. We're still not on board with the Rosa Parks comparison, though, unless it means Ted Nugent will get on a bus that is going far, far away.

[WND/Media Matters]


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