Activist Judge Rules Against Freedom To Stop Muslims From Worship

Activist Judge Rules Against Freedom To Stop Muslims From Worship

A new mosque is going to be built in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, despite the lawsuits of some angry Tennesseans, because a judgeoverruled this Christian nation's age-old and CONSTITUTIONAL freedom to stop Muslims from being Muslim. That's right, some people in Tennessee who are NOT white Christians are going to be allowed to worship non-Christian entities in a building they're going to put on some land they purchased. Obviously, because the plaintiffs were lawyers, they understood that Sharia is a scary ghost going around the state and their very offices eating law books as ghost food, but this stupid judge didn't even care. And yes, if you were wondering, these lawyer guys do have terrific quotes!

"We need to take what has happened in Murfreesboro out of the shadows of Shariah and shine on what's happened in the light of freedom," Smith said in his closing statement.

Yes, when Sharia came to America, it decided to take over the number-one most prized part of America, something called "Murfreesboro."

So, as a result of this case, everyone in this podunk town had to immediately and magically transform into non-t-shirted Muslims, correct? Including these lawyers?

But Brandon has said he'd appeal the case to the Supreme Court if necessary.

"I'm not gonna submit, I'm not going to convert, and I'm not going to back down," Brandon said in his closing arguments. "And neither are any of these three plaintiffs."

Oh, nice for them. Interestingly, the judge in this case is referred to as "Chancellor Robert Corlew III" in this news story. You know who else has the title of "chancellor"? Hitler, history's greatest Sharia ghost. HMM. [Tennessean]


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