Actual Twits To Tweet In Tea Party 'Presidential Twitter Debate'

"Tea Party Presidential Twitter debate" sounds like a) a terrible orgy of hollering wingnuts furiously flinging spelling errors around at each other like the clap going around a trailer park or b) something worthy of contenders for our nation's highest office? The Tea Party candidates aregoing to show half-assed Twitter clown Barack Obama "how it is done" next Wednesday, by allowing the entire Internet to yell at them for a solid hour and a half using the handle @140townhall.

An Arizona Tea Party group -- of course -- is organizing it, and there will be a mysterious "moderator," something we do not understand because the whole "point" of Twitter is that there is no higher-power moderator to mind-control everyone with something illiterate to type into the twat box. Kind of like how there is no God moderating Michele Bachmann's delusional thought process.

Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Herman Cain are confirmed to participate. No word on whether Twitter president Newt Gingrich is in.

From Roll Call:

The 90-minute debate, which will begin at 3 p.m., will be conducted entirely via Twitter using the handle @140townhall. The public may submit questions, and the candidates may use as many 140-character tweets as they want to respond. They will also be able to post three-minute videos with opening and closing statements.

Dustin Stockton, a spokesman for, said the organization came up with the idea about three months ago, several months after another tea party group, the Tea Party Express, announced it would co-host a traditional televised debate with CNN in September.

The candidates will respond to the questions simultaneously, eliminating the advantage typically enjoyed by first respondents in traditional debates, Stockton added.

Haha, who will be able to type in answers to Tea Partiers' questions fastest, on Twitter? Michele Bachmann, or the rest of the Internet?  [Roll Call/]


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