Update! AFA Blogger Still Knows Jesus Wanted That House To Burn Down

Update! AFA Blogger Still Knows Jesus Wanted That House To Burn Down

American Family Association blogger Bryan Fischersaid a couple days back that firefighters in Tennessee letting that house burn down was the "Christian thing" to do, and after we picked it up and it spread across the Internets, it turns out a lot of people, Christian and non-Christian, thought he was quite incorrect about that! But Fischer has come back on the blog (in WHITE text) to refute his communist critics, because he is CERTAIN Jesus likes to see His children suffer to make a point about government expenditure. "It’s frankly odd to see the Christian community blame the fire department for something that was somebody else's fault. I'm used to hearing that from liberals, socialists, and Marxists, but not from followers of Christ." This guy is the best!

The left, of course, has grabbed the "What would Jesus do?" mantra - as if they really cared about anything Jesus would do - and used that as a cudgel. Friends in the faith community have likewise taken aim, saying that they too know what Jesus would do.

These people are idiots. Non-Christians put Jesus on the cross, and Christians need to read between the lines in their Bibles and discover it's actually just an older version of Atlas Shrugged. Jesus does not have compassion! He is a cold, calculating proponent of personal responsibility. DUH.

It's a strange thing to hear evangelicals saying we ought to take resources without permission from responsible citizens (the ones who had been faithfully paying their fire protection premiums) and use them to bail out the irresponsible ones.

Yes, it is strange to hear evangelicals giving a cogent argument. By the way, Fischer, this fire department could have perhaps just charged the guy for their cost to save his house after the fact. But no, you're right, watching his house and pets be destroyed to make some Aesop-fable point is what Jesus would have wanted.

And once again, Fischer knows for sure what Jesus would have done if he was wearing a firefighter costume standing by that burning house, and it's not firefighter cosplay:

Well, as long as we're speculating on what Jesus would do in this situation, I’m as entitled as anyone.

What would Jesus do? That’s easy. He'd tell Mr. Cranick, "Man up, accept full and total responsibility, and don't blame anybody but yourself for what happened. That’s the Christian thing to do. And next time, Gene, pay the 75 bucks, all right?"

"Man up!" That's right! That is Jesus' favorite catch-phrase! "Lo, bros, when I see the most needy, I tell them to man up and have some personal responsibility. If you tell this to the needy too, you are serving me."

Your Lutheran-raised afternoon editor seems to remember something about a prodigal son and a son who was responsible. The point of that was that Jesus hated people who weren't careful about paying their firefighter fees, right? Those people should be banished, right? God does not love, and He does not forgive. [AFA]


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