Afternoon Nicest Time: The Time Young Handsome Joe Biden Fell In Love With Gay Marriage
Old Handsome Joe Biden gives the best speeches ever. They might even be better than Barack Obama's! Tough call, but at least we can all agree that they're better than anything that ever slithered out of a Republican's thin-lipped maw-hole. Thursday night, Vice President Biden spoke at the Freedom To Marry Celebration Of Victory gala in New York, and hoo boy, it was a doozy. For instance, how did Joe Biden stop worrying and learn to love the gay marriages? Well, it was from his Dad Biden, who was obviously very evolved on these issues!

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Read this beautiful story, from the transcript, read ALL of it:

This has been a heroic battle, but it has been based on a very simple proposition best expressed at least to me by my dad when I was a 17-year-old kid. My dad was one of those — as the Irish say, the highest compliment you give someone is he was a good man. My dad was a good and decent man.

And I was — I learned early on I didn’t like digging ditches in the summer with construction crews so I became a lifeguard. (Laughter.) But they paid a lot more money. I was in a county system, in a county pool. And they paid more money in the city. And so my dad on the way to his job in the morning, and this — if you know anything about — you probably don’t — my city of Wilmington, there’s a place called Rodney Square. And the buildings surrounding Rodney Square were the DuPont Company; the Hercules Corporation, which was big then; and ICI Americas, and so there were a lot of plain grey suits. And an awful lot of — at 8:00 in the morning, an awful lot of men and women hustling off to work.

But the courthouse is in that square.  And my dad pulled up to let me run out and get an application for this job in the city, and then I was going to drive him to work and drive myself home.

And as we were stopped at the light, two men on the right — very well-dressed men, obviously, business people working for either Hercules or DuPont turned and embraced one another and kissed each other.  And they went their separate ways.

I’ll never forget.  I turned and looked at my dad, just looked at him.  And I’ll never forget what he said.  He said, Joey, they love each other.  It’s simple.  (Applause.)  They love each other.  It’s simple.

They love each other! We just did the math on the back of our hand, and this happened in like 1959! Loving v. Virginia hadn't even happened yet.

We're not crying, YOU ARE crying over this story. Here, have a picture of Young Handsome Joe Biden, from maybe sometime around that time, who can know!

Also, we have helpfully clipped the video, so you can just watch that part if you are too busy for joy right now:

Old Handsome Joe also said that he viewed this Supreme Court decision as inevitable, because of the long, grueling work done by so many in the movement, like Evan Wolfson of Freedom To Marry, who used to work for OHJB, and for whom this Supreme Court decision is the culmination of a life's work.

Here's Wolfson at the gala with yr old Wonkette Pals Thom Kostura and Ijpe DeKoe, the Tennessee gays what are all BIG SHIT NOW, because they sued America for gayness and won, so now they get to schmooze with Joe Biden in New York City:


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For serious, youze guys, watch the whole video if you have time, it's Friday and it's only 20 minutes, and it will put you in the BEST mood, unless you don't like being in the best mood, in which case, Pissy Polly, go away.


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