Alan Keyes Waterboards Trapped Boat Passengers With Song (VIDEO)


General life-reject and self-described ongoing abortion Alan Keyes has discovered, GAH, that the old people who frequent cruise ships are "pretty much stuck there," once they are on the boat. You don't say! What a perfect opportunity for Alan Keyes to ambush a prisoner audience with his best Liza Minelli numbers while, uh, wingnut comedian lady Victoria Jackson bangs out the piano tune, with some kind of crumpled jizz rag on her head! What is this, some kind of CIA "Gitmo for olds" test program to control Social Security costs?

Ha ha, no, it is some kind of Tea Party program for waterboarding innocent people without prior access to passenger logs warning them not to board a ship with a group of batshit insane individuals:

The entire act was recorded by Celebrity – with this exclusive clip offered to WND, since both performers were participants in WND's "Tea Party at Sea" contingent, which also included Joseph and Elizabeth Farah, David Kupelian, Jerome Corsi, Aaron Klein, Alaskan U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller, Floyd Brown and others.

And that is reason number two million why we will never, ever board a cruise ship. [WND via Maddow Blog]


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